Hiring Real Estate Agents: How Does it Work?

Are you thinking of buying or selling a property? Purchasing or selling properties is a big decision which will have big effects on your finances. When buying a house, you’d want to make sure that costs are kept at the minimum, whereas when you sell a property, you’d obviously want to earn as much money as possible.

Not everyone has the capacity and the knowledge to buy or sell property all on their own. This is the reason why people who specialize in the field of real estate are there. These real estate agents are hired by more than 70% of all homeowners to assist them in selling or in purchasing a home. Since the agents earn money through commissions, they do not earn money until a settlement is reached. This means that real estate agents will do their best to seal the deal.

The standard commission that real estate agents receive per property stands at 6%. This percentage does not go directly to the listing agent alone. This is usually divided between the buying agent and the sales/listing agent. The commission first goes through the listing brokerage, where the agent will receive a 60% to 90% cut, although the percentage can go lower.

Real estateIf you decide to hire an agent to help you with either buying or selling a home, the best way to select the best one would be to check their background first and see how they have performed in the past. If the real estate agent has a respectable track record, paying him full commission will most likely be worth it.

If you are looking around neighborhoods for a house to buy with the help of an agent.

Here there are steps you can take in order to make sure that you won’t make any mistakes.

• Look for the agent with the best reputation.

If you pay a great agent a premium, you are likely to end up getting the best deals which can help you save huge sums of money.

• Always negotiate the commission with your agent.

The only time that it is okay for you not to do this is when you are working with a top agent.

• Do not tell your agent how much you are willing to pay while you offer lower amounts to a home seller.

The agent might use this information to earn more commission.

• Frequently check buyer agent association websites.

These websites will help you look for buyer agents which are unrelated to seller agents. In addition, going through the list of agents provided in these websites will help you look for an agent that prefers fee structures instead of commissions.

Real estatesIf you are selling a property, you can actually opt not to look for an agent and just equip yourself with the knowledge of selling properties by studying strategies with the help of the internet. You can also opt to hire an appraiser for an average of $200 who can help you correctly price your home.

Savings wise, an appraiser is better for you than an agent. Let us say that you just sold a $200,000 property, and you used the help of real estate agents. If you pay them their 6% commission, it would cost you $12,000. If you used an appraiser for only $200, and spent approximately $200 for advertisement, you will have saved $11,600.

To sum it up, buying and selling properties are industries which involve large sums of money. Therefore, understanding how agents are paid can help buyers and sellers decide whether the best choice would be to hire an agent or do everything on their own.

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