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Having a respectable and dignified funeral service is something that you and your family should have. We all want our funeral service to be a special way for our friends and loved ones to celebrate and appreciate our life.

We are all aware of this at Everyone has preferences on how they want their final rites to be held, and our experience of more than 60 years has given us a pretty good idea on our clients’ preferences.

It is a good idea to pre-plan your funeral service. This is a good idea because we don’t want to put the burden on those who will be left behind when the time comes. We will also be able to choose how we want to conduct our final rites here on earth. Those who are left behind don’t have to worry about anything else, and will have the space to grieve the loss of their loved one. It also eases the financial load because most pre-planned funeral services are also paid ahead of time.

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If you are looking for the best funeral service provider, here are some questions to ask

We usually get the very same inquiries at and we strive to answer and fulfill all of our customers’ queries and requests.

  1. The first question to ask is, “What options do I have when I avail of pre-paid funeral arrangements?” There are many choices from the type of service, types of coffins, and even the final disposal of the remains. In fact, all these selections can be a bit overwhelming. However, our supportive and knowledgeable staff members are here to assist you. We have licensed funeral directors who will explain and lay down all your options, based on your budget and preferences. We have special packages and we allow our clients to customize their own funerals as they see fit. At, we cater to all beliefs, customs and traditions.
  2. The second question to ask is if the funeral home is within the area where you are located, or whether it is centrally located and accessible. Friends and relatives will all be coming to pay respects to the person who passed away, and the location of the funeral home should be accessible to all. The Gentry Griffey funeral home is located in the vicinity of the Fountain City Lake in Knox County. Many families know this area, and often come to this scenic spot.
  3. The third question to ask is whether the funeral home is a member of a group that accredits funeral homes in the state or the country. Gentry Griffey is a proud member of The National Funeral Directors Association as well as the Tennessee Funeral Directors Association. We have complied with all regulations and standards pertaining to funeral services, crematories, and embalming processes.
  4. The fourth question to ask is, “What are the steps and documents that we need when pre-arranging a funeral?” Our staff members at are well-trained to guide clients through the pre-arrangement process. They will explain insurance policies, Veteran’s benefits, Social Security benefits and many other documents and necessary paperwork needed. We make sure that our clients have complete documents and their loved ones get all the benefits due them.
  5. The fifth question to ask is, “How much will it cost me?” We offer reasonable prices and various payment options. We will also provide the clients a price list of all the charges that we will be making, including additional charges, should there be any. A pre-arranged service is less expensive because we charge at present-day prices for future services. The prices are not affected by inevitable inflation rates.

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Gentry Griffey has been in the funeral business for a considerable amount of time, and having this vast experience allows us to understand our clients and the changing preferences of the community. We stand by tradition, but we are also flexible enough to cater to the changing times. Aside from our complete line of funeral services and our vast knowledge and experience, what makes us head and shoulders above the rest is that we care deeply for our clients. We stand by our company’s values of respect and integrity. We believe that we need to honor our deceased loved ones properly, and we will continue to do so in the years to come. Funeral Chapel and Crematory has been serving the needs of Knoxville families since 1948.