Know How To Extend The Life Of Your Storage Container And Protect Its Contents

The use of storage container is a popular trend in several industries. It is typically used in industrial and construction settings to store machinery and protect equipment against theft and damage. The usage of such container is also common in the business sector particularly in storing excess inventory. From this, it can be easily concluded that these containers are important investments used to protect another asset. And for it to do well in its designated purpose, it must be ensured that it is in its best condition at all times.

With a storage container, security of its content will be guaranteed as long as the vessel itself is well-protected. And it does not take so much money and effort to achieve that. At most, both the protection of the vessel and its content can be achieved by simply cleaning it regularly, doing repairs and installing a reliable lock box.


Cleaning these containers come in two parts. Sweeping up the inside and washing down the outside.

Sweeping the containers achieve two things. It sweeps dirt and dust out of the industrial storage box, and exposes signs of corrosion or wear and those that need to be repaired. It is true that cleaning the interior of these containers is tricky. But if it is possible, do move all the content out of the container to achieve a complete and professional clean.

Storage Container

Then there’s the need to wash down the exterior which you can accomplish by using a pressure washer or a garden hose. Again, cleaning the outside is not only beneficial in washing down the dirt that accumulated in its surface, but also in letting you see signs of wear. Always start at the top when cleaning the container. Check for those signs of wear, like flaking paint and rust spots once done with the exterior cleaning.

Repairs and Rust

Repairs in these containers come in the form of small and large holes. Small holes can be easily repaired by removing the affected area then patching up the hole using a roof sealant. As for large holes, it will require removal of the rustic area and welding a new piece of steel to patch over the hole to complete the task

You can deal with rusts by sandblasting the whole container and removing the paint. Then remove the areas with rust and have the entire box repainted.

Securing the Storage Container and its Contents

Now that you’ve taken care of the storage container, your next task would be to secure what’s stored inside. One way to do that is by painting the floor of the container.

This part of the container is expected to chip and get damaged over time. Scars may also be obtained, which contributes to speeding up the rotting process. By applying thick coat of paint on the floor, you eliminate the risk of water damage and fumes harming the content as well. You can use any outdoor type of paint to accomplish this task. You can also choose to cover the stored items with a plastic tarp for guaranteed protection if you want.

Condensation is a top issue in these containers, and if it is not prevented, it can cause significant damage to the items stored inside. Fortunately, there are several ways you can do to manage this issue. The first option is to place a bag of kitty litter inside in each of the container’s end to help absorb moisture. You will also need to monitor things and replace the bags regularly to ensure that it is doing its job.

Condensation-absorbing devices can also be placed inside, like commercial desiccants. Although more expensive and convenient than the first option, it works just the same but can last for 3 to 6 months. Aside from these, you may also consider installing a ventilation system to keep the interior dry.

These are some ways you can protect the container’s content against potential damage. But it still does not end there because you also want to ensure that your items are protected from security threats, like theft. That’s what you can use a container lock box for. The structure and design of these containers is strong. But it still has one weak point – the lock. To ensure the security of your stored items, you will need to protect the lock by installing a lock box. Now, you can have the peace of mind knowing that both of your investments are safe and secured from risks.

Storage container is the best answer to our storage need. It is specially designed for residential purposes and for commercial purposes as well.