The Food

  • July 11, 2013 at 8:14 pm

I’m one of those people who is terribly indecisive when it comes to food; I can tell you what I don’t want, but when it comes to what I want there’s no point in asking. That being said, our decision on which caterer to use was basically as easy as me standing there hungry in a grocery store trying to figure out what to cook for dinner—yikes. Luckily, our venue narrowed it down to seven “preferred caterers,” which helped a little bit. From there, Cruise and I chose two, simply on price. He has this theory that if they don’t advertise price, they’re probably expensive. What he didn’t realize is the two that do advertise price add up rather quickly, so I crossed one completely out, kept the other on the back burner, and kept searching. Partly because of price, mostly because neither of them felt right. Both were helpful; neither I felt good about.

Now, here’s the second thing. We had no idea what kind of food we wanted served at our reception. It’s not that I hadn’t thought about it; I definitely had. It’s more I’d just thought about it too much. I thought, wouldn’t it be cool to have a Southern BBQ? Or maybe a lobster bake to incorporate my New England roots? Should we do the traditional beef or chicken? Is that too boring? Are stations the way to go? Buffet? Plated? Do we scrap the whole think and just do heavy hors d’oeurves? There are just too many options! It didn’t help that caterers don’t offer a menu—they simply say, “Give us what you want, and we’ll tell you if we can do it.” Thanks for the help.

By that point we had decided we want a simple, elegant, but casual (possibly a little Southern?) feel. I inquired for a quote from Dining Innovations based on some pictures we saw, hoping the lack of pricing on their website didn’t mean $$$$. Later that same day I received an email back from Emilie outlining two recent menus they had recently done with that feel—we were off to a great start. I told her our “budget” for catering, and she spoke with Chef Dan and emailed me back with still another menu they had customized for us, keeping all of my requirements in mind.

The Food :  wedding charlotte food Di di

Source: Dining Innovations Facebook

The menu they sent wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but we were definitely on the right track. With the three menus combined we have finally officially decided what we will eat at our wedding!

The Food :  wedding charlotte food Di2 di2

Cocktail Hour

  • Passed – Grilled cheese w/ tomato soup shooters
  • Passed – Pimento w/ bruschetta
  • Stationary – Fruit skewers w/ dulce de leche

Entree – Plated with Choice of Protein

  • Salad
  • Herb roasted chicken or fried catfish
  • Fried green beans
  • Sweet potato
  • Bread service with butter on tables


  • Chicken tenders
  • Mac ’n’ cheese
  • Fruit salad


  • Pre-poured water
  • Sweet tea service
  • Lemonade service

Dessert/Late Night Snack

  • Assortment of donuts

The best part? For 80 people, service/tax included, we’re coming in at just under $3,000! We were throwing around the idea of a late night snack, and after receiving the quote we couldn’t pass it up! I could not be more pleased with Dining Innovations so far, and am so pleased that I stuck to my gut feeling and kept searching for a caterer I was comfortable with.

What was your deciding factor for catering? Cost? Taste? Reputation?

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The Table Plan

  • July 3, 2013 at 7:41 pm

Five months before our wedding, our invitations were posted. We’ve already received a lot of RSVP postcards, but more importantly, we already know who is coming and who isn’t. Thanks to it being mainly close friends and family, we talk to them enough for absolutely everyone to have already let us know of their plans. Not to mention that everyone has already booked their hotels for the weekend. Score!

This has proved so useful. Not only do we know who is eating lamb and who is eating fish so we can discuss quantities with the caterers, but it means we can get started on our seating plan already.

Our guests are split into the following categories.

  • Miss Jackrabbit’s family
  • Miss Jackrabbit’s family friends
  • Miss Jackrabbit’s friends
  • Jack’s English family
  • Jack’s Italian family
  • Jack’s English cousins
  • Jack’s Italian cousins
  • Jack’s friends

Jack’s family takes up half of the guest list. My guests were easy—a table for each category. His guests were almost as easy. All we needed to do was split the cousins up—one table for English, one table for Italian, and one with a mix of them.

And this is what we came up with!

The Table Plan :  wedding brighton uk etiquette seating Seating01 Seating01

You may remember when we had a disagreement about the sweetheart table? Yeah…I won. It was totally fair, though! No forcing him to do anything. Plus it just sort of made sense. (Note: for some reason the plan makes us sit opposite one another, but we will actually be sitting next to each other.)

We used WeddingWire for our seating chart. It was so handy having it online! And it made it easy to move people from one table to another, and also to see how those tables would actually work in our space (you can put in your venue’s size!).

I have no idea why one of the tables is yellow…but you may also notice there are two different sizes. This is definitely one of the pros about hiring in EVERYTHING ourselves. We need seven five-foot tables and two six-foot tables? No problem!

Originally we were going to have our sweetheart table right down at the bottom in front of the dance floor, but my mum pointed out that we may not want to have the band and DJ booth in the background of our pictures…so we moved to the side for our escort cards to be our background decoration. :)

It also meant that my family table and both Jack’s family tables could be right next to us. Chatty Man will be at the table just north of the cake table and facing everyone so he can be seen/heard when he does his speech.

My friends are nearest the dance floor (they like to boogie), and Jack’s friends will be closest to the bar. (They like to drink!) I also like how there is enough room either side of the table right at the top for people to easily get to the bar and enter/exit the building. (The door is at the top of the room on the right.)

I’m excited to see how this will look!

Did anyone else plan their seating chart online?

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DIY Friday: May 31, 2013

  • May 31, 2013 at 7:27 pm

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DIY Friday: May 31, 2013 :  wedding features Diy115 diy1

Hershey Kisses Escort Cards  by

DIY Friday: May 31, 2013 :  wedding features Diy213 diy2

Yellow & Orange Candy Buffet by candygalaxy

DIY Friday: May 31, 2013 :  wedding features Diy514 diy5

Aqua Pocketfold Invitations by SchmukalsBride

DIY Friday: May 31, 2013 :  wedding features Diy314 diy3

Save-the-Date Photo Prop by Ms_Purple

DIY Friday: May 31, 2013 :  wedding features Diy418 diy4


For more great DIY projects, be sure to visit the Weddingbee DIY section, conveniently organized by type of project. Submit your own, complete with tutorial, and you may see it featured here on the blog! If you’ve seen any great DIY around the hive and think it should be featured, feel free to email us at cathy at weddingbee dot com!

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Can I Get an Extra Side of Sauce with that Wedding Tradition? Racy Wedding Customs from Around the World

  • May 13, 2013 at 6:02 pm
Groom removes bride's garter.

Would you really want your Great Aunt watching?

I was at a wedding recently. Which isn’t that odd, given my age. Sometimes it feels like I might as well block off the next three years of weekends to accommodate all of my friends and relatives getting married. Anyhow, after the ceremony, which was a beautiful outdoor affair, a fairly typical reception, for an American wedding, ensued. We had cake, we watched the bride dance with her dad, the groom with his mother, she threw the bouquet, and then?

The groom didn’t throw the garter. His groomsmen chided him, his family chided him, everyone wanted the spectacle of the groom getting down on his knees and pulling the garter off with his teeth. Everyone except for the bride, that is. “Not in front of my grandma!” she proclaimed. I’d never really thought about just how risqué the garter tradition was. I don’t know how comfortable I’d feel hiking up my skirt either.

It made me wonder what kind of racy traditions were par for the course in other cultures. Here are the three best ones that I found.

Traditions of Iceland

In Iceland, home to only about 350,000 residents, engagements tend to last for a long time. Like four or so years long. When the wedding day finally comes around, though, things get saucy fast. The bridesmaids take the bride to the bridal chamber where they undress her until she’s nude, save for the bridal headdress.

Next, the groom enters the room and also undresses and hops into bed with the bride. They exchange gifts that they’ve gotten for one another. Then, in perhaps the strangest twist, the priest enters the chamber and blesses the pairing.

Traditions of Denmark

Does your prospective groom have hot friends? If you live in Denmark, you probably hope so. During a typical Danish wedding ceremony, the groom will leave the proceedings for a bit. Why? So that the bride can kiss all of the single men at the ceremony. One last hurrah before marriage, I suppose. But don’t worry; they keep it fair in Denmark. When the groom returns, the bride leaves and it’s time for him to kiss all of the single ladies.

Traditions of Northern Borneo

I’m not certain if this one is sexy or just, well, plain weird. When a couple is newly married in the Tidong tribe of North Borneo, they are shut off in a home together for three full days. Three days alone on honeymoon? Pretty sexy, no?

But wait. There’s a catch. The families of the bride and groom keep watch on the door to the house and the couple is not allowed to leave. Especially not for a restroom break. That’s right. The bride and groom are forced to hold it for 72 hours straight. If they can make it through the torture, sexy torture, then it’s assumed that they’ll make through just about anything.

Know of any risque wedding traditions? Let us know in the comments.

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Shoe-like Sisters: If My Bridesmaids Were Shoes

  • May 12, 2013 at 8:28 pm

One of my bridesmaids had a thing on her personal blog for a while where she would pick a shoe that reminded her of a specific friend and explain why the shoe was representative of the friend. I always thought this was a neat idea.

Since I’ve spent a goodly amount of time looking at shoes in order to put together what I’d like to look like on our wedding day*, it has given me ample opportunity to find shoes that remind me of my bridesmaids.

So, without further ado, introducing the bridal party with shoes!

Shoe-like Sisters: If My Bridesmaids Were Shoes :  wedding bridesmaid seattle shoes Ac ac

Kate Spade Simon

Maid Of Honor Tart has been my friend since I was five years old. I was originally better friends with her older sister (Tart is two years younger than I am), but over the years I grew closer and closer to Tart. Tart understands me better than most people and has been there for me through thick and thin. She’s practical but fun and (like this all around adorable shoe) is great to have in many different situations. This shoe especially reminds me of her because her favorite color is pink.

Shoe-like Sisters: If My Bridesmaids Were Shoes :  wedding bridesmaid seattle shoes Mm mm

Kate Spade Kiki

Bridesmaid Fro-Yo has been my friend since high school. We originally met in middle school but were too busy being in competition with each other to realize that we were pretty awesome friends. Since high school we’ve supported each other through some pretty heavy craziness. We laughed together, cried together, and managed to come out on the other side of the high school drama as close friends. I don’t always see Fro-Yo as often as I’d like since we’re both super busy, but she is a beautiful person. These shoes at first glance may seem quiet, but on closer look you realize that they just scream classy fun. They’re great with jeans or a skirt or dress. They’re versatile and might just become some of your favorites, just like BM Fro-Yo

Shoe-like Sisters: If My Bridesmaids Were Shoes :  wedding bridesmaid seattle shoes Mk mk

Kate Spade Laughter

Bridesmaid Apple Pie and I are similar in many ways, which is funny because Sparky is pretty similar to Apple Pie’s husband, Waffle. Then again, Sparky and Apple Pie are similar in ways that Waffle and I are similar. We’re a pretty solid double couple. The thing that drew me to Apple Pie first was that she was bubbly, outgoing, and fun. Oh yeah, her abilities to cook crazy-delicious food and to appreciate wine were pretty good compatibility assurances, too. These shoes remind me of Apple Pie because they are sky high (Apple Pie doesn’t wear any heels under three inches) but are approachable. They suggest both a fun night on the town and an equally fun evening in playing board games.

Shoe-like Sisters: If My Bridesmaids Were Shoes :  wedding bridesmaid seattle shoes At at

Kate Spade Corrine

Bridesmaid Hot Buns was actually the first person I identified shoes for. Like these shoes, BM Hot Buns is classy with a clear sparkle of vintage glam. Hot Buns and Apple Pie are friends of long standing (they grew up together), and I feel very lucky to have befriended both of them. Hot Buns is pretty amazing at most things she does; in particular I think of her craftiness and her baking (she’s a friendor, remember!). When I look at these shoes, I think about getting dressed up and going out for a fancy dinner and a night on the town. That being said, I think they’d be equally great with jeans, heading out to a movie with friends. Hot Buns is like that, too. She’s just fun to be around!

All in all, I love these ladies. They have had such an impact on my life and have helped me become the person I am today. I’m thankful they’ve been there to support me over the years and so excited that they’ll be there on the day I marry Sparky.

Shoe-like Sisters: If My Bridesmaids Were Shoes :  wedding bridesmaid seattle shoes 407327 692493834965 1240629937 N 407327_692493834965_1240629937_n

BM Apple Pie, MOH Tart, me, BM Hot Buns, BM Fro-Yo

How did you choose your bridal party?

*I should be honest here and say that I spend a ridiculous amount of time looking at shoes online because I like it—not just because I’m looking for anything in particular.

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Mad for Macarons

  • May 7, 2013 at 7:16 pm

I love macarons. Specifically Ladurée macarons, but any will do really so long as they are made with care. In another blogger bee life, I would have loved to have blogged as Miss Macarons from the Tea Party generation. Macarons were present on the day Mr. C and I got engaged. We were at Versailles and of course Ladurée has a small boutique inside the palace to satiate your sweet tooth. There is nothing more decadent than sitting on the beautifully manicured grounds of Versailles or in the whimsical gardens of the Queen’s Hamlet and munching on some dainty little macarons in all the colors you know Marie Antoinette herself would have loved. I remember my first visit to Versailles in the summer of 2011. I was there with my stepsister, and I knew I had to try the macarons I had seen photos of so often online. I sat on the lawn munching away thing, “This is the life.” My stepsister, however, was not as impressed. Well, more for me!

Mad for Macarons :  wedding athens cake decor Favors1 Favors1

I knew I wanted to try and have macarons present at our wedding, either as favors, features of our dessert table, or both. Sadly I just didn’t know if it would be possible. I’m not as hardcore as Mrs. Perfume in thinking that I could bake my own. Not only do I already have a lot on my plate right now, we also don’t own a stand mixer, which I feel is a pretty crucial tool in the creation of macarons. I also didn’t know of any shop or bakery in Athens that sells them.

Mad for Macarons :  wedding athens cake decor Favor7 Favor7

My first taste of macarons at Versailles.

Luckily a friend of mine in Atlanta discovered a Korean bakery called Mozart that makes and sells their own macarons. Mr. C and I ended up paying the bakery a visit for a little taste test, and they were certainly delicious! It doesn’t hurt that the bakery is next to a really awesome Japanese ramen restaurant. I miss real, authentic Japanese ramen so much.

Mad for Macarons :  wedding athens cake decor Favors6 Favors6

I put Mr. C in charge of contacting the bakery and obtaining quotes. He even drove into Atlanta a few Saturdays ago and placed the order, but not before picking up eight macaron samples so I could pick which colors and flavors we would purchase. He called the baker back with our decision and paid for the order over the phone. What an awesome man I am marrying! I’m just glad that the favors are taken care of and that I will have mounds of gorgeous macarons at our wedding!

Mad for Macarons :  wedding athens cake decor Favors3 Favors3

Right now each guest will receive their own individually wrapped macaron while we will have extra macarons on the cake table as decoration. I bought a few domed glass platters at thrift stores and antique shops so that we could stack them and make it look like a scene straight from Sofia Coppola’s film Marie Antoinette.

Mad for Macarons :  wedding athens cake decor Favors5 Favors5

This is how they will be wrapped and presented for guests—one sitting on each place setting. We will add our own flair with hand-stamped thank you tags. I’m so glad that not only will we have edible favors (supposedly the most popular) but also favors that really reflect our theme!

What are you using as favors at your wedding?

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DIY Friday

  • May 3, 2013 at 9:08 pm

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DIY Friday :  wedding features Diy510 diy5

Personalized Bridesmaid Mugs by Kelsikay

DIY Friday :  wedding features Diy111 diy1

Birdcage Centerpiece by Ctavlice

DIY Friday :  wedding features Diy210 diy2

Card Box by mrs_sweetteach

DIY Friday :  wedding features Diy311 diy3

Tip Card and Envelope by summerSmile

DIY Friday :  wedding features Diy414 diy4


For more great DIY projects, be sure to visit the Weddingbee DIY section, conveniently organized by type of project. Submit your own, complete with tutorial, and you may see it featured here on the blog! If you’ve seen any great DIY around the hive and think it should be featured, feel free to email us at cathy at weddingbee dot com!

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Dressing the Ladies

  • April 23, 2013 at 1:09 pm

As soon as we settled on our colors, I knew I wanted navy blue bridesmaids’ dresses. I quickly fell in love with this dress by Adrianna Papell.

Dressing the Ladies :  wedding bridesmaid dress savannah Papell Papell

Image via Nordstrom

I became obsessed within seconds. I am partial to dresses with one shoulder, and I absolutely loved the lace. This had to be the dress!! I emailed it to my bridesmaids and within hours my dream died. The dress sold out in some sizes, including smaller ones that I knew we would need. Argh!! (Of course it now seems to be available in more sizes.)

In my quest to recreate this dress, I stumbled upon the Watters Camellia dress.

Dressing the Ladies :  wedding bridesmaid dress savannah Camelli Camelli

Image via perfect bridesmaid dresses

I could create it in all navy on the Watters website, and it looked beautiful.

Dressing the Ladies :  wedding bridesmaid dress savannah Camelli01 Camelli01

Watters Camellia / Image via Watters

No store in Tallahassee carried it, but fortunately I had a bridesmaids’ dress shopping trip already planned in Jacksonville with my bridesmaid (and fellow bride!) BOC.

Bridesmaid Runner met us at the store, and she and BOC tried on dresses I liked. While we were there I narrowed it down to four dresses. I did take pictures of the girls in each dress, but I will refrain from posting them on the internet, as none fit them correctly. The Camellia was a front-runner, but I liked three other similar styles as well.

Dressing the Ladies :  wedding bridesmaid dress savannah Posey Posey

Watters Posey / Image via Watters

Dressing the Ladies :  wedding bridesmaid dress savannah Heather Heather

Watters Heather / Image via Watters

Dressing the Ladies :  wedding bridesmaid dress savannah Gardeni Gardeni

Watters Gardenia / Image via Watters

I was fine with my bridesmaids wearing mismatching dresses as long as they were very similar, which these were. I decided to poll the group and see where people were leaning, and there was a very (very!) clear winner—the Camellia! Eight out of ten preferred this dress and the other two liked it, too—decision made! I ordered through the store where I bought my wedding dress, Vocelles, and my bridesmaids received 10% off.

I like these dresses so much that I am thinking about buying one in ivory to wear to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. I will probably go with Posey since it seems the most classic. I love Heather, but it is a bit more expensive than the others.

I somehow got 10 women to order their dresses on time, and they should be here in a few months. I can’t wait to see everyone in them! Was anyone else planning on allowing their bridesmaids to choose their own dresses, only to discover they all liked the same one? Am I crazy for thinking/hoping my girls will really want to wear these again?

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Dapper Dudes

  • April 21, 2013 at 4:45 pm

I am fortunate to be marrying one of the most stylish men I know. In fact, he could be more stylish than I am. Probably not, but he is a close second. Mr. B knows more about cuffs and collars and tie knots than I do about shoes. Seriously! Anyway, I knew it was going to be interesting when he had to decide what he wanted his handsome groomsmen to wear, but I wanted to give him (almost) complete control. I think the current options are all very good and do-able, and also hopefully re-wearable.


Mr. B wants everyone in brown shoes, preferably ones that tie. He does not plan on asking everyone to buy the same shoe, he just wants them to look like this:

Dapper Dudes :  wedding menswear savannah Screen+063 Screen+063

Image via Johnston & Murphy


OK, Mr. B has no opinion here, but I think this could be an interesting way to add some character. He wants tan socks to match the slacks. I want…argyle? Fleurs de lis? Something—anything—other than tan?


Mr. B wants tan flat-front pants and he wants them all to match. This is one of a very few items that he wants everyone to buy so they are all the same. This is his current inspiration:

Dapper Dudes :  wedding menswear savannah Screen+064 Screen+064

Image via Macy’s


Mr. B wants a light blue shirt, given the fact that white tends to wash people out (especially when paired with khakis), and he wants a good neutral. We are currently debating between cuffed and not cuffed, but generally he wants it to look like the shirt below. The spread collar here is quite formal and is sharp. He has yet to decide how important it is for everyone to match, so they may be able to wear shirts they already own.

Dapper Dudes :  wedding menswear savannah Shirt+f Shirt+f

Image via Paul Frederick


No. Gold. Buttons. That’s pretty much the only requirement. Mr. B is going to tell his groomsmen to wear a jacket they already have for a navy suit, considering most navy blazers (jackets not for a suit) have gold buttons. If they don’t already have something that fits the bill he will recommend:

Dapper Dudes :  wedding menswear savannah Screen+065 Screen+065

Image via Bluefly


This one is important. And difficult. This will pretty much set the tone for the men, but it has been more difficult than I expected to find what we want. Can’t we just get Vineyard Vines to design something special for us and then sell it at a super reasonable price? Too much to ask? OK. :(

So we know we want fleurs de lis and I want navy. Mr. B is more flexible on the color as long as it isn’t yellow. This is what we are currently considering:

Dapper Dudes :  wedding menswear savannah Screen+066 Screen+066

Image via Vincenzo Boretti

Cuff Links

If we end up doing cuffed shirts then we will obviously need cuff links! Mr. B wears cuffed shirts more than most, but we still think this is a nice option for his groomsmen; plus it gives us a really great option for a groomsmen gift! We know we want them to be a fleur de lis, but it is tough to find something just right. Current inspiration:

Dapper Dudes :  wedding menswear savannah Screen+067 Screen+067

Image via Cuff-Daddy

Will these blend too much with the blue shirt? I think the silver border will make them stand out—hopefully! It’s been difficult to pick something that works with our personalities.

So that is the current plan for the wonderful gentlemen that will be standing with us on our wedding day. How much is common to ask men to pay for their portion of the outfit? It isn’t just a single dress—it is a lot of items! What is normal here?

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I Have to Decorate 4,000 Square Feet

  • March 22, 2013 at 7:12 pm

In contrast, my space in the tiny apartment I now live in is like 40 square feet. Or less. How much room does a bed, nightstand, and dresser take up? As for decorations…well, I propped up a frame on my nightstand. Does that count? Now all of a sudden I realized I have a huge room to decorate! When I look at all these gorgeous wedding pictures I feel like we’re brushing over the hours they put into the decorations—and I don’t even know where to start.

Well, I’m going to start here, with a few elements I plan on including. Our venue is essentially a blank space. Fortunately I think the high ceilings and glass doors lend themselves to less rather than more decorating.

1. Tissue Paper Poms

I Have to Decorate 4,000 Square Feet :  wedding decor diy greenville Tissue+ Tissue+

Image via Martha Stewart Weddings

I’ve already made a few of these—they’re currently decorating my 40 square feet by hanging in a row over my nightstand. They’re easy to make, cheap, and pull in some color. The room has six sets of double glass doors with a glass panel on either side and above—here, let me show you a picture.

I Have to Decorate 4,000 Square Feet :  wedding decor diy greenville Luttrel Luttrel

Image via Pleasant Ridge Camp & Retreat Center

Can you see the glass doors and windows in this picture? I’m thinking about hanging a pom in each of the side glass panels—12 total. I don’t want to hide the view of the deck and woods, just add some color.

2. Bunting

I Have to Decorate 4,000 Square Feet :  wedding decor diy greenville Bunting06 Bunting06

Personal photo

Remember that I’ll have approximately 150 feet of bunting to use anywhere in the building. I definitely want to drape about 10 feet at the fireplace (more on that later), but I also will have plenty to drape along the stage and the welcome and food tables.

3. Fireplace

I Have to Decorate 4,000 Square Feet :  wedding decor diy greenville Luttrel01 Luttrel01

Image via Pleasant Ridge Camp & Retreat Center

Oh, the fireplace. I’m so in love with it. Besides draping the bunting across, I want to throw a few books and our larger Scrabble tiles with out names on the mantel. I also want to use candles in the fireplace like in this picture. How cute are those? I plan on picking up eight or ten pillar candles of varying heights and arranging them in the fireplace for a little ambiance. Now I just hope our officiant doesn’t step too far back during the ceremony.

4. Tables

On the tables we will have our crossword puzzle programs and I Spy sheets, neatly tied together with a coral ribbon at each place setting. To the left, we’ll have three layered beverage napkins. (I’m thinking light yellow, light blue, and green for color.) The centerpieces will be our simple book stacks and Scrabble table letters. I’m so tempted to try to emulate Mrs. Treasure and include our cakes on each table—I’m planning on talking about it with my caterer when we finalize the menu!

I have a couple other ideas, but we’ll save those for later! Anyone want to help me out with suggestions or modifications? How did you decorate?

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